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Cynthia Cheng 
Design to build a product that is meaningful to users.

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Could see the UX process to redesign the information architecture of the Firefly writing website.

Firefly Redesign

Role: Lead UX Designer   

Time: November ~ December 2020 

Screen Shot 2022-09-01 at 2.16.09 PM.png


Role: UX Researcher  

Time: June ~ August 2022 (Total: 105 hours)

Could see the result of what I contributed to the IESO internal staff by using the UX research method.


Feel free to reach out!

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Could see how I use my research skills and my insight of the context of users to find the niche, the big problem for a small group of people, and create a solution.

UGroups cover.png


Role: UX/UI Designer   

Time: October ~ December 2020 

Could see how I used the IBM design thinking UX approach to help UofT students join extracurriculars.

Best buy.png

Usability Test Best Buy Website

Role: UX Designer 

Time: May ~ June2022 

Could see how I conducted the usability test with participants to evaluate the Best Buy website.

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